Map of Gateway Greening Network Projects

Find a Garden or Orchard Near You: We support over 200 community agriculture and greening projects, so odds are there’s one closer than you think.

View Gateway Greening Supported Gardens in a full screen map.

Map Groups Defined:

Green Flower – Community Garden – A food producing garden established and maintained by the local community

Blue Flower – School and Youth Gardens – Any school or youth-focused garden space.  While these gardens are typically food producing spaces, several youth gardens are also greening projects

Red Tree – Community Orchards – A food producing orchard growing edible fruits and/or nuts established and maintained by a local community with a community, school, or youth focus.

Yellow Flower – Greening Project – An ornamental planting project installed and maintained by the local community


Interested in Joining or Learning More About a Project?

Email us at with the name of the project/s you are interested in learning about and we will put you in contact with the local community leader for that project.



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