Live a Little, Learn a Lot.

We believe that community education is the first step not only to a better gardening experience but also to a better city and a more sustainable future. We’ve learned from the Earth, our experience and, most importantly, each other, and we would like to share our knowledge with you. Because no matter how many harvests you’ve seen, there’s always room to grow.

Youth Educational & Curriculum Resources

A plethora of information to expand your garden with your child at home or a classroom full of students! Learn More

Environmental Organizations

Check out other green organizations near you! Learn More

Grant Resources

Need additional funds for your garden? Check out our list of local grants and other funding opportunities!
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Food Sheets

Tips and tricks to prepare and utilize the food you grow!
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Gardening Tip of the Week

Things to know to help you grow!
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How-To Series

Things to know to help you grow!
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