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Soulard Garden Cooperative, 2013


The Gateway Greening Land Trust, Inc. conserves citizen-created agriculture projects to remain community managed, and protected for future generations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Contact Information:

Matt Schindler
Board Member, Gateway Greening Land Trust, Inc.
Executive Director, Gateway Greening, Inc.
314-588-9600 Ext. 102

How can a project enter the Gateway Greening Land Trust?:

Candidate projects that are considered for entering the trust embody multiple levels of community support, and participation/history with Gateway Greening, Inc.. Land Trust projects have a track record of being sustainably managed and maintained by community members to show they will remain a strong project for years to come.

2018 is a year of development for the Gateway Greening Land Trust. We are collaborating with existing community projects to develop new bylaws, lease agreements, and national standards moving forward.  


  • Community/School Gardens, Farms, Orchards, or Parks must have completed Gateway Greening’s development process.
  • Projects must have been in operation successfully for 5+ years.
  • Land Trust projects must adhere to project lease agreements and the organizational bylaws of the Gateway Greening Land Trust.

Strong Candidates Show:

  • Robust neighborhood support from local institutions (neighborhood associations, citizen-led organizations).
  • Backing from local elected officials such as Alderpeople (St. Louis City) or Neighborhood Officers.
  • Critical-mass community participation: Ten or more individuals involved with a community agriculture project.

Urban Agriculture Projects Participating:

  • Ames School – Butterfly Garden, 1100 St. Louis Ave
  • Block Unit 429 Neighbors and Friends Garden, 1372 Hodiamont
  • Connect Tower Grove South Community Garden, 4259 Connecticut
  • English Cave Community Garden, 1960 Provenchere
  • Fox Park Farm, 2800 Russell
  • Friends of Hamilton Village Community Garden, 1440 Hamilton
  • Hebert Garden, 1501 Hebert
  • Orchard on Virginia, 3001 Virginia Ave.
  • Tower Grove East Community Garden, 3301 Sidney
  • The Wedge Community Garden, 3534 McKean
  • Wingmann Park, 1400 Dodier
  • Botanical Heights Community Garden, 4060 Folsom
  • Dogtown Community Garden, 1560 Tamm
  • International Farm, 4030 Folsom
  • Lafayette Square Community Garden, 1701 Park
  • Soulard Garden Cooperative, 2331 S. 9th St.

Why enter the Gateway Greening Land Trust?

The primary reason to enter the Gateway Greening Land Trust is to protect the garden or agriculture project from future development.  By protecting these projects, members can invest in their project without fear of losing their land. The Land Trust just owns the land and does not get involved in the management of the land.  The land must remain a community asset and green/agriculture space.

The Gateway Greening Land Trust is also a network of gardens, orchards, and parks that have proven records of being sustainable community projects. Entering the Land Trust is an opportunity to participate in this collective, and inform the public about the importance of preserving some of St. Louis’ most cherished community achievements.

Land Trust | Lafayette Square Community Garden

Lafayette Square Community Garden, 2001