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How to Read a Seed Packet

January 11, 2022

Seed packets have tons of useful information and it is important to look at all the information over just a pretty picture. Pretty much all seed packets will have the…  Read More

Fall Leaves for the Garden

November 29, 2021

By: Dean Gunderson This time of year there are fallen leaves everywhere, sometimes literally bags of them. Although many people consider leaves a nuisance to get rid of, if you…  Read More

Harvesting and Curing Sweet Potatoes

October 14, 2021

Anxious to harvest sweet potatoes? Hold off! While you can technically harvest as soon as the tubers reach a decent size, the longer they are in the soil the sweeter…  Read More

Our New Cover Crops

August 18, 2021

Cover crops have many benefits for the garden.  A cover crop is simply a plant grown, not to harvest, but for its benefits to the soil.  You can grow cover…  Read More

Best Bok Choy for St. Louis

August 2, 2021

by: Dean Gunderson Bok choy is a delicious and nutritious vegetable that is pretty low maintenance to grow in St. Louis, EXCEPT, it tends to quickly bolt once it gets…  Read More

Blossom End Rot of Tomatoes

July 27, 2021

By: Jackson Hambrick We are into tomato season! If you have noticed some of your tomatoes developing a brown or black spot on them it could be blossom end rot. This…  Read More

How to Deal with the Worst Squash Pest, the Vine Borer

June 2, 2021

By: Jackson Hambrick In St. Louis, right around now is the time to start planting zucchini and summer squash. Theseplants love our long summers and produce lots of fruit but…  Read More

The Wonderful World of Overwintering Brassicas

May 3, 2021

By: Dean Gunderson When you have a garden in St. Louis you have plenty of produce in the summer and fall and usually well into winter through things like squash,…  Read More

2020 Variety Trial Results

February 19, 2021

In 2020 we did two different variety trials at our Demonstration Garden.  A variety trial is simply growing two or more varieties of the same crop in the same place…  Read More

Growing Water Chestnuts in St. Louis

February 5, 2021

by: Dean Gunderson If you want to try something new and different this year and still get a fair amount of food than water chestnuts are worth a try. There…  Read More